I'm Natalia - The founder and owner at Natural by Natalia.

My love for photography started when I was just a child, my family had a huge collection of old photographs and I always liked to look at them. The most amazing treasures among the photographs were the pictures of the family members I never had chance to meet; Our family legacy was saved forever in pictures and they keep me inspired still today.
I learned everything I could about photography; – I read books, took courses and spent years perfecting my skills.
I believe that through photography I can preserve your beautiful memories to remember and create something special to cherish.

With laugh’s and smiles. 
Gentle touch of small hand on Mother's arm. 
Your quirks and characters.
When you waiting for your bundle of joy thinking how they may be. 
Their first cry and tiny hands.
Capturing those little moments that matter the most.

My own family drive my business and passion, my husband and our little two-year-old son are my inspiration and a great support. They are my reason to keep going with my dreams.

Besides photography we love to travel, we spend lots of time actively doing things outdoors as well as reading books and watching movies together.


to talk about your family and I will create your bespoke photo session experience.


Clients Testimonials

"100% recommend Natalia, she made me and the girls feel really at ease and answered any questions I had quickly. Will definitely be using again."

-Clare, Ella & Emily


"I recommend with all my heart !

We had the opportunity to be at the Christmas session.

Great atmosphere, great approach to children. 

For sure we will come back  "

- Magda